MAP Views and MAP Layers

The MAP Views panel is the hub from which many additional MAPublisher features may be accessed. It organizes MAP layers into based on distinct coordinate systems known as MAP Views. Use this panel to specify coordinate systems for MAP Views, perform coordinate transformations, adjust scale, change data alignment and placement, and export to industry standard GIS formats.


When importing data, an Adobe Illustrator layer is created for each feature type, and is by default appended with a _point, _line, _area, or _text suffix in the Adobe Illustrator Layers panel. Certain file types generate multiple layers, such as DGN or DXF, but are similarly split up by feature type. A single import of such files produces a single MAP View as an import can only take place into a single coordinate system. Custom MAP Views may be created in order to georeference existing Adobe Illustrator artwork.


The following pages deal with the creation and management of MAP Views, specifying and transforming a coordinate system, editing scale and data placement on the page, merging Adobe Illustrator layers, and exporting to GIS formats.

Topics covered in this section

Coordinate Systems

MAP Views Panel

MAP View Editor

Manage Data Links

Exporting MAP Layers and MAP Views

MAP Info Panel

Copy MAP Objects From



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