MAPublisher LabelPro

MAPublisher LabelPro is a comprehensive collision-free labeling solution integrated into MAPublisher. Using rules and styles for text placement, it extracts label information from map layer attributes and performs fast, intelligent, cartographic text placement. Placement rules can be saved to a file and imported into other labeling work sessions.

MAPublisher LabelPro is available as an optional add-on to MAPublisher. To purchase a MAPublisher LabelPro license, please contact or visit

See more information on how to activate a purchased or evaluation license.

information The evaluation version of MAPublisher LabelPro scrambles the text of placed labels but preserves the case, spacing and punctuation, so that the results give a sense of how actual labels would be placed based on the rule settings.

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MAPublisher LabelPro

MAPublisher LabelPro Settings

MAPublisher LabelPro Styles

MAPublisher LabelPro Rules

Label and Verification

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