Adjust Area Label Rules and Style

Area layer label settings

This section covers the labeling configuration for the source layers Land_area. The goal is to add large labels for the land areas of the map (downtown area, Treasure and Alcatraz Islands).

1.In the MAP LabelPro dialog box, click the Land_area layer name in the Source column to highlight the row. Keep AREA_NAME as the Source label attribute.

2.Click the Output layer drop-down list and choose LAND_labels.

3.Set the Priority column to 2.

4.Click the Style drop-down list and choose Land_Label_Style. Click the Edit button to open the Style dialog box and examine its settings. This style was predefined.


information The sample text is cut off because the font size is set to 70 pt and is larger than the preview area.

5.After reviewing the Style settings, click OK to close it.

6.Click the Rules drop-down list and choose Land_Label_Rule. Click the Edit button to open the Area Rules dialog box and examine its settings. These rules were predefined.

area_rule_placement area_rule_fitting

The main requirement for labels created from the Land_area layer is that labels are placed in the water area. Therefore, the Allow outside rule is the only placement option enabled. Stacking and font reduction option are also enabled to give more flexibility to the rule. See more information on the available area labeling rules.

information Labeling Session #2 will explain the creation of area rules for the Parks_area layer.

7.After reviewing the Area Rules settings, click OK to close it.

8.Click the Suppression layer drop-down list and choose SUPPRESSED_labels.

All layers have been now configured for the first labeling session.

Execute labeling with MAP LabelPro

9.Make sure that all the layers have been configured to match the image below and click the Label button.


information For evaluation users only. Review the MAPublisher warning message and click OK to close it.

10.Wait for the process to end to visualize the results.

The map layers are labeled. Make the SUPPRESSED_labels layer visible to show labels that couldn't be placed with the specified rules.

11.Save the file and leave it open to continue on with the second labeling session.


Result with MAP LabelPro license.

Evaluation users will observe scrambled labels on the map. The Label joined feature rule does not recognize similar street names due to the text scrambling and places more labels than necessary. Similarly, highway and interstate roads are labeled with two shields with different numbers. Licensed versions will not see any text scrambling.


Result with evaluation license.

12. If you want, continue to Label Session #2

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Last updated: 4/10/2019