Adjust Point Label Rules and Style

1.In the MAP LabelPro editor dialog box, click Public_Schools_point in the Source list to highlight the row.

By default, the attribute to use as a label is set to FACILITY_I, the first string attribute column of the Public_Schools_point layer. It needs to be changed to SCHOOL_NAME.

information Note: Increase the width of an attribute column to see its full name.

2.Click the Label source drop-down list and choose SCHOOL_NAME.

3.Click the Output layer drop-down list and choose SCHOOL_labels.


Leave the Priority column set to 1. The Public_Schools_point layer will be labeled as a first priority while the others will be set to a secondary priority. Next, you'll change the style and rules for this layer.

4.Click the Style drop-down list and choose School_Label_Style. Click the Edit button to open the Style dialog box and examine its settings. This style was predefined for the purpose of the tutorial.


information Note: The second labeling session will show how to create a new style from scratch.

5.After reviewing the point Style settings, click OK to close it.

6.Click the Rules drop-down list and choose School_Label_Rule. Click the Edit button to open the Point Rules dialog box and examine its rules in each tab. These rules were predefined for the purpose of the tutorial.

pointrules_placement_school pointrules_fitting_school


These point settings will force the labels to be placed below the symbols:

When possible, the text will be placed lower-middle to the symbol.

If this is not possible due to space constrictions, text will be placed to the lower-right, and then to the lower-left.

If none of the options can be applied, the text will be placed on the suppression layer (or ignored if no suppression layer was specified).

Text stacking and font reduction have also been enabled to add flexibility to the placement rules.

7.After reviewing the Point Rules dialog box, click OK to close it.

8.Click the Suppression layer drop-down list and choose SUPPRESSED_labels. (It looks gray because its visibility is toggled off in the Layers panel).


Labels that can not be placed will be copied to the SUPPRESSED_labels layer.

This finalizes the configuration for the labeling of the Public_Schools_point layer. Do not close the MAP LabelPro dialog box as the configuration of the roads and land layers still have to be set. If you want to save the current configurations, click the Save button. You will have to reopen the MAP LabelPro dialog box to continue.

Continue to Adjust Line Label Rules and Style.

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Last updated: 12/11/2020