Users with good knowledge of HTML and JavaScript can benefit from some advanced MAPublisher features. Additional information about these features is provided on the Avenza Systems website.

This information is available to all MAPublisher customers. MAP Web Author examples are also provided on the MAPublisher DVD.

External CSS

As explained earlier in this section, the visual aspects of the widgets that appear in the MAPublisher Web Author viewer can be configured using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The CSS implementation is based on the Adobe Flex 3 CSS system. Only class selectors are supported.

Refer to the web page at for information on how to edit the CSS file and for a reference to the list of classes available for styling and their supported properties.

MAP Web Author API Reference

The MAP Web Author API Reference allows developers to embed and interact with maps produced by MAPublisher in web pages. There are two API references: Flash (legacy) and HTML5.

Some web pages have been developed on the Avenza Systems website to provide a guide to the API. It includes both Flash (legacy) and HTML5 API References, FAQs and examples.

Refer to for more information.

information Export to Flash was retired in MAPublisher 10.0. The Flash API remains usable for previous versions.


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