MAPublisher Buffer Art creates area objects of specified distance around point, line, and area features. This may be useful when attempting to calculate distances on each side of a road, creating proximity around fire hydrant points, or buffering parcel lots.

Using Buffer Art

If required, select the art to buffer and click the Buffer Art button on the MAPublisher toolbar or from the menu Object > MAPublisher > Buffer Art.



Buffers are added to all art on the specified layer, unless the option to Only buffer select art is checked.

Buffer Width

The buffer width can be entered as a fixed value or by selecting an attribute column that contains numeric values. When the Static value option is checked, a buffer is created with the specified value. When the Attribute value option is checked, a buffer is calculated and created based on the value related to the selected object in the attribute table. Set the buffer value units in the Units drop-down list. For example, a value of 5 map units will create a buffer of 5 map units around a feature.


Optionally, enable Add buffer intervals of and specify an interval distance to create equally spaced rings around features. This is also known as creating concentric rings. Enable the Merge buffered results by buffer width value option to remove any compound path segments and create one resulting buffer area. This is also known as dissolving buffers.


Choose an existing Area layer as the destination for the new buffer. Alternatively, specify a new layer name to create a new layer where the buffer areas will be stored.


Enable the Apply Style option and choose a preset Graphic Style or Custom stroke, fill and transparency.

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Last updated: 4/9/2019