Cloud Floating License Management on Client Machine

Setting up and checking out a license from a server can be performed on the client machine from the MAPublisher Welcome Screen or License Management dialog box



MAPublisher License Management dialog box

MAPublisher License Management dialog box

Floating license setup

1.On the Welcome dialog box or License Management dialog box, click the Floating button.

2.On the Floating License Setup dialog box, select Cloud from the Type drop-down.


3.Enter the Server and choose the appropriate Port. In most cases, HTTPS will be suitable. Use a different port if it was provided by Avenza.

4.Enter your Customer ID and password.

information Acquire server and login credentials from your system administrator or contact person who purchased the Avenza software.

5.Click OK.

Checkout a license

1.Make sure the correct Cloud Floating License setup details are entered.

2.On the Welcome dialog box or License Management dialog box, click the Checkout button. Enable the Automatically checkout license check box so that the floating license is checked out every time Adobe Illustrator is launched.

The license status updates to Licensed from server when a successful connection is made.

Check-in a license

Click the Check-in button to return the floating license to the server.

Borrowing a Roaming License

MAPublisher 10.x allows client machines to borrow licenses from the Cloud license server. This is ideal if a computer will be disconnected from the Cloud license server for a period of time, such as for traveling, working in the field, or working from home with a laptop computer. Roaming licenses can be allowed from the  Floating License Setup dialog box.

Borrowing a roaming license

1.On the Welcome dialog box or License Management dialog box, click the Floating button.

2.Click the Allow roaming licenses check box and click OK.


3.When you check-in a license, the User roaming license option will be enabled.


4.Click the User roaming license check box and adjust the duration of borrow (in days).

information The borrowing period begins when you disconnect from the network.

information If a floating license has already been checked out (i.e. MAPublisher is being used), the checked out license must be returned (checked in) prior to starting to roam with a floating license.

information The roaming license can be returned to the server before the time expires.  Connect to the network, click the Return Early button and the roaming license will be returned to the server.

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Last updated: 12/1/2020