The following provides compatibility information with legacy MAPublisher and Adobe Illustrator documents, third-party plug-ins, and other compatibility issues.

Backwards Compatibility

All MAPublisher documents are not backwards compatible with previous versions of MAPublisher.

Saving an Adobe Illustrator document to a legacy format (e.g. saving a CC document as CS5) may have unexpected results, such as loss of data attributes. It is recommended to save a copy of the file in the current Adobe Illustrator version before attempting to save to a legacy format.

MAPublisher 5 (or earlier) Documents

Point Data

MAPublisher introduced new standards on dealing with point data in MAPublisher 6. Pre-MAPublisher 6 documents will have font based points converted to symbols on opening of the document.

MAPublisher 6 (or earlier) Documents

Grids and Graticules

Please note that grids created in MAPublisher 6.x and earlier will need to be recreated with the new tool if the generation of an index is required.

Legend to Stylesheet Conversion

Legend functionality (Assign Legend Info, Draw Legend etc) was ported into MAP Stylesheets in MAPublisher 7. Legend information held in legacy MAPublisher documents (6.x and earlier) will be converted into stylesheets on document open. Subsequently Graphic Styles (for line and area legends), Character Styles (for text legends) and Symbols (for point legends) will automatically be generated and added to the respective Adobe Illustrator panels.


To qualify for legend conversion, legend art in legacy documents must contain the following properties:

Be of a valid art type: i.e. polygon, path, symbol or text

Have a legend expression assigned (via Assign Legend Info or Auto Assign Legend Info)

Have a target MAP Layer


During the conversion process you will be asked to set additional conversion preferences:

Determine if target MAP Layers should be immediately assigned to the applicable stylesheet. Checking this option will immediately apply the new stylesheets to map art on target layers, whereas unchecking this option means the new stylesheets will not be applied on document open, allowing you to manually drag target layers into the applicable stylesheet later. Note auto assignment conversions are slower.

Determine if you wish to merge similar converted stylesheets (i.e. stylesheets with a matching feature type and original map layer) into a single stylesheet. Note: option will be disabled if it is not applicable.


Table information held on table layers (i.e. MPTables layers) will be removed on document open. Therefore ensure that all tables have been joined to the vector art prior to opening the document in MAPublisher.

All MAPublisher Documents In Adobe Illustrator 10 (or earlier) Format

Legacy Text Conversion

Adobe introduced new methods for dealing with text art in Adobe Illustrator CS. Therefore files containing MAPublisher text objects must be converted using Adobe Illustrator and MAPublisher text conversion utilities.


If the Adobe Illustrator legacy text conversion message appears when opening a legacy document, click OK. This will allow MAPublisher to use its own conversion utility to update text items while maintain the text attributes. If you click Update, the document will be opened, however all attributes associated with this text will be lost.


At the MAPublisher Legacy Text Conversion dialog box, choose one of the following:


Task or Operation


All text art

To convert both MAPublisher text and regular Adobe Illustrator text to the new Adobe Illustrator text format

MAPublisher text art only

To convert only MAPublisher text to the new Adobe Illustrator text format


To open the file but lose attribute information associated with MAPublisher text elements



Compatibility with Third-party Plug-ins

All efforts have been made to develop MAPublisher in accordance with the Adobe Illustrator SDK and third-party development schema. However, Avenza cannot verify and validate compliance and compatibility with other third-party plug-ins that may be installed on your system and cannot guarantee that MAPublisher will perform as expected in such configurations. If you believe that a third-party plug-in is conflicting with MAPublisher, contact

Compatibility with Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Data Recovery

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 introduced the Data Recovery feature which takes a snapshot of the working file at specified intervals. A confirmed issue is that recovered files will have incorrect georeferencing. This issue has been reported to Adobe for further investigation. It is not recommended to use any auto-recovered Adobe Illustrator files.  We suggest to save your working files frequently.


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