Create Area Stylesheet Theme

1.Create a new Adobe Illustrator document.

2.Import world.mif from the Tutorial Data folder.

3.In the Adobe Illustrator menu, choose Window > Graphic Styles to open the Graphic Styles panel.

4.In the Graphic Styles panel option menu, choose Open Graphic Style Library >  MAP Graphic Styles > MAP - Area Solid Colors. For non-English installations of Illustrator choose Open Graphic Style Library > Other Library and load MAP - Area Solid from the \Helpful Styles & Symbols\Graphic Styles folder (see Helpful Styles & Symbols).

5.Shift-select all the graphic styles in the MAP - Area Solid Colors panel and drag them into the Adobe Illustrator Graphic Styles panel.


6.Open the MAP Themes panel, click the MAP Themes button on the MAPublisher toolbar or from the menu Window > MAPublisher > MAP Themes.


7.In the MAP Themes panel option menu, click New MAP Theme.

8.In the New MAP Theme dialog box, type Continents1 into the Theme Name box, select Stylesheet as the Theme Type, select Area from the Feature type drop-down list, and click OK.


9.Double-click the Continents1 stylesheet, or choose Edit "Continents1" from the MAP Themes panel option menu

10. Click the Click to specify layers hyperlink, click the check box for the world_area layer and click OK. In the Edit Stylesheet Theme dialog box, click the Add button to add a style rule. Rename Rule 1 to Africa.

11. In the Rule Expression tab, choose the Apply to artwork that satisfies this expression option. Click the attribute drop-down and select Continent, choose the equal sign as the operator, and select Africa from the right-hand drop-down list as the attribute value.


12. Click the Visual Properties tab, click the Style check box and select the Land 40 graphic style.


13. Leave the other display properties at their default values and click Apply to see the changes made to the map.

information The MAPublisher Log records which artwork was affected or not. Click View Log to see which pieces of art did not satisfy the expression. Otherwise click Close. If changes are made to a style, click white empty space in the dialog box before clicking the Apply button.

14. Repeat steps 9 to 11 for each of the subsequent continents. Note that the same style cannot be used more than once, as one style equals one legend entry. When all of the continents are assigned a style, click the Apply button to see the changes, or click OK to close the dialog box.


If you clicked Apply, the styles specified have been applied to the map. If you clicked OK and want to apply the styles, click the Apply MAP Theme button on the MAP Themes panel. The styles in the Graphic Styles panel are now linked to the attribute values specified by the style rules.


15. Save this document as in the Tutorial Data folder.

16. Close the document.

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Last updated: 12/11/2020