Create, Copy, Delete a MAP View

1.Open from the Tutorial Data folder.

2.From the MAPublisher toolbar, click the MAP Views button or go to Window > MAPublisher > MAP Views.

3.Import from the Tutorial Data folder.


Notice that a MAP View called usa 1 is automatically created. The 1 denotes that a MAP View already exists with that name, so it adds a suffix to differentiate it. Each Adobe Illustrator layer comprising the MAP View is depicted with an icon that represents the Feature type contained on each of the map layers.

4.Keep the document open, create a new Adobe Illustrator document with the same page size/orientation as the document and make it active.

5.From the MAPublisher toolbar, click the Copy MAP Objects From button or select Copy MAP Objects from the MAP Views panel options menu.


A list of MAP Views are available from any opened document containing MAP Views. In this case, the MAP Views usa and usa 1 are available to import.

6.Check the usa check box in the Source column and click OK.


The usa MAP View and it's layer, usa_area, is copied into the new document. It maintains the original scale and position of the usa MAP view. If other MAP Objects were present, they can be copied to the document too.

7.Close the active document without saving, but keep the document open.

8.In the MAP Views panel, select the usa MAP View. Then click the panel option menu and click Duplicate "usa".


A new MAP View called Copy of usa is created. It only duplicates the MAP View and not the MAP Layers that are contained in the source.

9.Select the usa MAP View and click the Delete button on the MAP Views panel.


A message dialog box states that the MAP View is not empty.

10. Click Delete MAP View and child layers.

11. Close the document without saving.

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Last updated: 10/8/2019