Create Label Filters

This section covers the labeling configuration for the source layer Parks_area. The goal is to add labels for small parks and large parks (based on the #Area attribute). This is done by creating Label filters that can isolate and classify data using expressions. In addition, styles and rules will be created from scratch.

1.In the MAP LabelPro dialog box, click the Parks_area layer name in the Source column to highlight the row.

2.Below the Source list, click the Batch generate label filters button.

3.In the Batch Label Filter Generator dialog box, click the Attribute drop-down list and choose #Area, then click the Load button.

4.In the Data Classification section, click the Method drop-down list and choose Natural Breaks (Jenks-Capsall) and change the Data classes to 2.


Two classes (defined by two generated expressions) will define the small and large parks. The Natural Breaks classification looks for appropriate breaks in the data where to use as data class boundaries. The next step is to set some default settings for the labels (which sets them for both label filters).

5.In the Default Settings section, click the Is labeled check box. Click the Label source drop-down list and choose PARK_NAME. Click the Output layer drop-down list and choose PARK_labels from the drop-down list. Click the Suppression layer drop-down list and choose SUPPRESSED_labels.


6.Click the Add button to add the two label filters.

7.Continue to Create Styles and Rules.

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Last updated: 4/10/2019