Create Pie Chart Theme and Legend

Create a pie chart theme

1.Create a new Adobe Illustrator document.

2.Import canada.shp from the Tutorial Data folder.

3.Join the table CA_commute.csv to the canada_area layer on the NAME column (see Joining Tables).

4.In the MAP Themes panel option menu, click Add MAP Theme. In the New MAP Theme dialog box, type Commuting into the Theme name box, select Chart as the theme type. Then click OK.


5.Double-click the Commuting chart theme in the MAP Themes Panel. Click Create Legend layer when the message appears to say a Legend MAP Layer is required.

6.In the Edit Chart Theme dialog box, select Pie Chart from the Type drop-down list.

7.Check the "Ignore" check box and enter in the following expression: LIKE(NAME,"New Brunswick") OR LIKE(NAME,"Nova Scotia") OR  LIKE(NAME,"Prince Edward Island") OR LIKE(NAME,"Newfoundland and Labrador"). This will prevent pie charts from being applied to Canada's Maritime region.

8.In the Source Data tab, with canada_area selected in the Layer drop-down list, click the Add button six times to add six attributes to the pie chart.

9.Highlight the first unspecified attribute. In the Attribute drop-down list, select Cmt_Drive. In the Label field, enter Drive Own Vehicle. In the Appearance section, select a fill color from the drop-down list or click the color swatch to open the Color Picker dialog box.

10. Repeat step nine for the five remaining attributes choosing a unique color for each attribute and assigning attributes and labels as follows:  Cmt_Ride as Small Vehicle Passenger, Cmt_Public as Public Transit, Cmt_Walk as Walk, Cmt_Bicycl as Bicycle, and Cmt_Other as Other.


11. In the Chart Options tab, change the Pie radius to 25.00.

12. In the Labels tab, click the Show attribute value labels check box. Set the offset to 3.0 px, click the Label with pie percentage check box, and click the Appearance text style link.

13. In the Edit Text Appearance dialog box, leave the font as Arial and change the font size to 8.00 pt.


14. Click Apply to apply the theme to the map.

Note that some text labels, particularly the value labels for "Other" and "Bicycle" attributes, will need to be manually adjusted for optimal appearance. This is caused by small percentage values.


15. Leave the document open for the next exercise.

Create a chart legend

16. Select the Commuting chart theme in the MAP Themes panel, open the MAP Themes panel option menu and click Create Legend.

17. In the Create Chart Legend dialog box, accept the default output layer.

18. In the Style tab, change the number of columns to 2.

19. In the Title tab, click the Draw title check box and enter Commuting Modes. Click the Label appearance text style link. In the Edit Text Appearance dialog box, leave the font as Arial, choose Black as the text style, and change the font size to 11 pt. Click OK. In addition, click the Draw title line check box to enable it.


20. In the Border tab click the Draw border check box to enable the options. For the Margin setting, increase the margin to 10.00 px.


21. Click Create to create the Chart Legend. The Legend will be placed in the centre of the current MAP View, and can be manually placed elsewhere on the document.


22. Close the document without saving.

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Last updated: 4/10/2019