Creating a Graticule

1.Open from the Tutorial Data folder.

2.Hide all other layers and make sure the world_area projected layer is visible in the Mollweide MAP View.

3.From the MAPublisher toolbar, click the Grids & Graticules button. When prompted, click Create Legend layer.

4.In the Grids & Graticules dialog box, click the Graticules button to show its options. Under Intervals, type 20 in the Latitude box and type 20 in the Longitude box. Leave the units as degrees.


Graticules can be plotted to intersect at specific lines of latitude and longitude. Pass through values of zero will create a graticule that passes through the Prime Meridian and the Equator. This graticule will have lines at intervals of 20 degrees.

The Vertices slider controls the number of nodes to construct the graticule. Higher numbers should be used if graticules are curved or in anticipation of transforming them. For now, leave the default setting.

5. In the Grid Collection box, click Grid Lines. Ensure the Draw Grid Lines check box is checked and the Solid line option is chosen. Click the style link (1 pt Black). In the Edit Appearance dialog box, click the Graphic style/Custom style toggle icon and then select Grid Style from the Style drop-down list, then click OK.

6. Click the Show Ticks Along Grid Lines check box. Change the Place tick every setting to 10.00 (degrees) and the Tick length setting to 4.00 pt. Also, check the Draw tick perpendicular to grid line check box.


7. In the Grid Collection box, click Grid Border. Click the Draw Grid Border check box to uncheck it. This will prevent a border from being displayed.

8. In the Grid Collection box, click Line Labels. In the Label placement control, click the West label (Lat) to enable it.

9. Under the Coordinate Values Along Grid/Graticule Border section, click the Longitude style link and change the character style to My Grid Style. Click the East link to change the offset to 5.00 pt. Finally, make sure the If line does not hit bounds, label drop-down list is set to Latitude & Longitude.


10. Click OK to create the graticule.


A graticule is placed over the map features, complete with tick marks spaced 10 degrees apart and with latitude labels. To edit an existing grid, select the grid and click the Grids & Graticules button.

11. Close the document without saving.

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Last updated: 4/12/2019