Creating a Measured Grid (UTM)

1.Open from the Tutorial Data folder.

2.Hide all other layers and make sure only the toronto_area layer is visible in the Toronto NAD 83 / UTM 17N MAP View.

3.From the MAPublisher toolbar, click the Grids & Graticules button. In the message box, click Create Legend layer.

4.In the Grids & Graticules dialog box, click the Measured Grid button to show its options. With the Coordinate System set to Use current MAP View, set both the Cell Size Width and Height to 1000 (meters). Leave the Positioning options as default.


Grid cell sizes will be created at 1000 x 1000 meters in size.

5.In the Grid Collection box, click Grid Lines. Ensure the Draw Grid Lines check box is checked and the Solid line option is chosen. Click the style link and change it to the Grid Style graphic style.


6.In the Grid Collection box, click Grid Border. Click the Draw Ticks Along Border check box and change the Tick length to 5.00 pt.


7.In the Grid Collection box, click Line Labels. In the Line Labeling control, click the X and Y labels for East, West, North, and South to enable them.


8.Under the Coordinate Values Along Grid/Graticule Border section, change the Easting style to the My Grid Style character style. Click OK.


9. Change the East offset to 3.00 pt.

10. Click the Format link and select Full value with units and Direction in the Label format drop-down list and click OK.


11. Make sure your dialog box matches the following and click OK.


A grid is placed on the map based on the specifications made. Each cell line has UTM map coordinate labels. To edit an existing grid, select the grid and click the Grids & Graticules button. If the grid is moved, the grid labels will automatically adjust to new coordinates.


12. Close the document without saving.

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Last updated: 4/12/2019