Use Crop To Shape to quickly crop MAP Layers using shapes other than rectangles and ellipses.


Before using Crop To Shape, ensure that layers being cropped are visible and unlocked in the Adobe Illustrator Layers panel. Invisible and locked layers are not cropped. The extent of the map that will remain after cropping must be visible on the screen, so make sure to zoom out sufficiently. Crop To Shape only works with closed paths (areas).

Using Crop To Shape

To crop to a shape, select a closed path object and click the Crop > Crop To Shape button on the MAPublisher Toolbar, or from the menu Object > MAPublisher > Crop To Shape.


In the Crop To Shape dialog box, choose the layers to target for crop: All unlocked layers, All unlocked layers in a specific MAP View, or only a specific layer (and sublayers).

The All unlocked layers option will crop everything from an unlocked layer.

For the All unlocked layers in [a specific MAP View] option, choose a MAP View from the drop-down list. Only unlocked layers in the chosen MAP View will be cropped.

For the Only [layer] option, choose a specific layer from the drop-down list. Only objects on that layer will be cropped. Optionally, click the Include sublayers check box to include sublayers belonging to the chosen layer.

Path Utilities can resolve invalid topology by using the find self intersection points action or remove duplicate points action for the area you are cropping. See Path Utilities, in the next section.

Advanced Options

The Crop to Shape Advanced options are shared with Vector Crop.



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