The Dash Offset tool can be used on paths and compound paths to shift or offset dashes by a specific point value.


A path or compound path with a dash must first be selected before that Dash Offset tool can be used. A path must have multiple strokes before they can be individually adjusted. Dash Offset only works on one path at a time.

Using Dash Offset

Click the Dash Offset button in the Adobe Illustrator Tools panel.


There are two options to apply dash offset: apply to all strokes (of selected art) and specify individually. Choose Apply to all strokes and increase or decrease the offset (range of -100.00 to 100.00). Check the Preview check box to view how the dash offset settings look on the artboard.

When a selected path has multiple strokes applied to it, the Specify individually option is enabled and lists the stroke colors and stroke weight. In the Dash Offset column, the dash offset can be individually adjusted for each stroke.

Variable stroke settings (such as corner alignment, arrowheads, and arrowhead scale) on the selected path are removed when applying a dash offset.

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Last updated: 4/7/2019