Data Considerations and Limitations

When obtaining GIS data for use with MAPublisher, whether from an online source, commercial vendor, government office or from a source within your organization, there are a number of important considerations to keep in mind.

First and foremost, obtain data in one of the formats supported by the MAPublisher. In cases where the file format native to a particular mapping application is not supported by MAPublisher, you can often request the data provider to export a file in one of the supported formats.

When obtaining data you should acquire as much metadata about the files as possible. MAPublisher deals with data in the following manner: Unprojected data will be imported by MAPublisher with latitude and longitude map anchors, which will therefore range from (x) -180 to 180, (y) -90 to 90.

If you receive projected data you should be aware of the following. MAPublisher will import projected data with a true scale and appropriate map anchors. Unlike unprojected data, these map anchors will not be in lat/long, but rather in a coordinate system appropriate for the particular projection. For most file formats the name of the projection, datum, and units will be recognized by MAPublisher. However if the program cannot find this information in the data, and you wish to subsequently reproject your data, you will be required to specify the coordinate system.

In addition, MAPublisher is a two dimensional mapping program. If you attempt to import 3D data with MAPublisher it will be converted to two dimensional artwork by the importers. Data provided in a generic latitude and longitude (unprojected) coordinate system will usually be recognized as a WGS 84 (World Geodetic System 1984 - EPSG = 4326) coordinate system by the MAPublisher importers.

Adobe Illustrator 64-bit Data Import Limitations

On MAPublisher 10.x for Adobe Illustrator 64-bit versions, the following data formats are not supported:

Esri ArcMap Document (mxd)

Basic Esri ArcSDE Server, (connection to ArcServer with only ArcInfo installed libraries)

Esri ArcSDE Geodatabase

Esri File Geodatabase (gdb)


information MAPublisher 10.5 was the last version to support Adobe Illustrator 32-bit.


The suggested workaround is to run MAPublisher 10.5 for Adobe Illustrator 32-bit and import any of the above formats, then save and close the Adobe Illustrator file. Re-open the Adobe Illustrator file with MAPublisher 10.x for Adobe Illustrator 64-bit, and then save it. This will ensure that a 64-bit workflow is used while working with the document.

Esri Personal Geodatabase (mdb) is supported only if the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable is installed. Download the redistributable at

information This only affects Windows 64-bit operating systems.

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