The MAPublisher Log records information about which MAPublisher tools are used, when they were used, and on which MAP layers.


To view the MAPublisher Log dialog box, click the MAPublisher Log button on the MAPublisher Toolbar or go to Object > MAPublisher > MAPublisher Log.

When a MAPublisher tool is used, information such as the tool used, inputs, outputs, warnings and errors are recorded into the log.  The log also displays when tools were executed and which layers were involved. However, not all MAPublisher tools are recorded as a log entry (such as MAP Tagger Tool, MAP Locations, MAP Selections, and MAP Web Author). Certain MAPublisher tools may yield warning messages after completing a process (e.g. MAPublisher LabelPro, MAP Themes, etc).

Use the Show toggles to filter information, warning and critical messages.

Click the Export button to export the entire log to a text file.

information A maximum of 10,000 messages can be logged. Click the Clear button to remove all messages from the log. This is permanent and cannot be undone.

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Last updated: 10/15/2019