The Export Attributes function exports all selected attribute information from the current MAP Layer to a delimited text file—comma, semi-colon, space or tab separated.


Attributes will be exported as they are in the MAP Attributes panel. For example, users can change the number of decimals for attributes of Double type prior to exporting (see Edit Schema), to limit the size of the exported file—or to turn on/off the visibility of some attributes, with Edit Schema or the MAP Attributes panel Show/Hide function.

Using Export Attributes

Export attributes is accessed from the MAP Attributes panel options menu.


In the Export Attributes dialog box, click the Browse button to navigate to the directory where the exported file will be saved and type a file name. By default, the exported file will be appended with a .txt extension—to export in another delimited text format, type another file extension (CSV or TSV) in the file name (e.g. world.csv).

Users have the following options to set:

Export all attributes or export visible attributes only.

Set field delimiter in the exported text file to Comma, Semi-Colon, Space or Tab.

Export or not the column names on the first line.


The result is a delimited text file. Text attributes (type String) are exported in double quotes ("...") and are separated by commas in example below. Image attributes are exported as string values based on the file name.


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Last updated: 4/6/2019