Export Document to Geospatial PDF

Adobe Illustrator documents with GIS data can be exported to geospatial PDF using the MAPublisher Export Document to Geospatial PDF utility.

A geospatial PDF is an Adobe Acrobat file that contains geospatial coordinates, the ability to store spatial data and attributes in layers . With coordinates, users can view and interact with the PDF to find and mark location data. Attributes can be viewed and searched in Adobe Acrobat.

Geospatial PDF files exported with MAPublisher can be used in Adobe Acrobat to:

Find and mark location coordinates

Measure distance, perimeter, and area

View coordinates in measurement units in various formats/units

Copy location coordinates to clipboard

View attributes of map objects

Reopen geospatial PDF in Adobe Illustrator with MAPublisher capabilities maintained.

Show and hide layers

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Export Document to Geospatial PDF

View Geospatial PDF

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