Export Document to GeoPackage

MAPublisher has the ability to export the entire working artboard or document as a GeoPackage that includes georeferencing. MAPublisher currently only supports exporting as tiled matrix sets to a GeoPackage file (.gpkg). One of the primary uses of GeoPackage is on mobile devices.

Using Export To GeoPackage

In the Export to GeoPackage dialog box, choose the source either as a specific artboard or all art in the document. If multiple artboards are present, click the drop-down and choose the appropriate artboard. Choose the appropriate MAP View in the Referencing drop-down. In the Destination section, specify a dataset name. The dataset name does not equal the GeoPackage name. Instead the dataset is actually a sub-set contained within the GeoPackage itself. A parent GeoPackage name and directory needs to be specified on export.


Zoom Level tab

The Maximum resolution box determines the tile resolution and also the maximum number of zoom levels that can be used. The resolution value ranges from 72 ppi to 600 ppi. The minimum pixel size will vary depending on the maximum resolution setting. The number of Maximum zoom levels range from 1 to 6. An Auto setting automatically chooses an appropriate number of tiles. When the Set maximum zoom option is enabled, it will always choose the maximum number of zoom levels available.

Options tab

Click the Options tab to view available settings.


Anti-aliasing improves image quality; choose between Art Optimized and Type Optimized. Web tiles can be created in PNG or JPEG image format. Depending on the image format chosen, each format has several specific options available. The Compression option is only available for the PNG format, with a compression range of 1 to 9 (1 being lowest, and 9 being highest). The Quality option is only available for the JPEG format, with a quality range of 10 to 100 (10 being lowest and 100 being highest). Depending on usage, two colour modes are supported: RGB and Greyscale. The Include transparency option is only applicable to the PNG format. Depending on the compression or quality value, output web tile file sizes will vary.

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Last updated: 4/11/2019