Use the Find Places tool to search for points of interest based on the extents of a specified MAP View. Searches are based on one search term (as to not confuse searching for two unrelated search terms). Found places are added to MAPublisher as a MAP Point layer.


An Internet connection is required to view the online map, search and collect places.

Using Find Places

Click the Find Places button on the MAPublisher Toolbar.


In the Find Places dialog box, enter a search term into the Search box and press Enter or click the Search button. Search results appear on the online map as placemarks. A limit of 50 placemarks can appear at a time per search term. To start a new search, enter a new search term into the Search box and press Enter or click the Search button. It will clear the previous results and display new results.

Click the Add Places button to open the Select Locations dialog box. Check boxes in the Include? column indicates whether the place will added to the artboard or not.


Places are saved to a MAP Point layer based on the search term in the chosen MAP View. Depending on scale and location adjustments made to the online map, some added search results may appear outside of the artboard, but within the MAP View extents.

Points may include attribute information. The information included with each place will vary. Open the MAP Attributes panel to view any attributes that may have been included by the search provider.

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Last updated: 4/12/2019