The General property sheet is used to change the layer ordering rule for all MAPublisher panels. By default, layers are sorted alphabetically only. The other option is to first group layers by data type first (Legend, Text, Point, Line and Area) and subsequently in alphabetical order for each group.



Log notification level

What is recorded by the log. By default, Warnings & critical messages is chosen. If needed, choose No notification or Critical messages only.


These options affects how MAPublisher formats numbers (i.e. use comma or point as decimal separator). Use the operating system local settings or specify a different language and country.

Format number for display purposes and other operations based on locale

Change number labels based on country (e.g. 400.00 in USA compared to 400,00 in Norway).

Check for MAPublisher updates

Automatically check for MAPublisher updates when Adobe Illustrator starts.

Always use local help files

Enable to always use local help files instead of online help files.

Allow anonymous usage detail collection

If enabled, collected anonymous usage details will be used to improve MAPublisher.

Default text appearance font

Choose a font to use in the application.

Add notes for layers created by MAPublisher operations

Enable to automatically create layer notes for MAPublisher operations.

Sorting style

Set to Name, then type for an alphabetical sorting. Set to Type, then name to first sort the layers per data type (Legend, Text, Point, Line or Area) .

Preview quality

Adjust the preview quality within various MAPublisher dialog boxes.

Preview zoom

Adjust preview zoom: Actual size, Zoom to fit, Document Zoom Level

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