Import a Single Data File

1.Create a new Letter sized Adobe Illustrator document in landscape orientation.

2.From the MAPublisher toolbar, click the Import button  or go to File > Import Map Data > Import.

3.Choose MapInfo Interchange Format [*.mif] from the Format drop-down list.

4.Click Browse, navigate to the Tutorial Data folder and select world.mif.


The Import dialog box has two modes: Simple and Advanced. Click the Advanced button to switch to Advanced mode to see more available settings. You can see that the coordinate system is specified as WGS 84 since MAPublisher reads this information from the data source.

5.After viewing the coordinate system, click OK.


The data is added and fitted to the artboard with the WGS 84 coordinate system. The layer world_area is added to Adobe Illustrator's Layers panel. The MAP Views panel now contains a MAP View with the imported world layer. See more about MAP Views and MAP Layers.

6.Close the document without saving.

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Last updated: 4/4/2019