Import From ArcGIS Web Service

Advanced Import can open ArcGIS web services to import layers. Many organizations and agencies use ArcGIS Server to distribute data and connecting to a web service is as easy as entering a service URL.

1.Create a new Adobe Illustrator document.

2.Using Import or Multiple Data Import, choose the ArcGIS Web Service format and click the <Click to select dataset> link.

3.Enter into the Service URL field and click Open.


After connecting to the service, the Import from Map Image Layer dialog box appears. It shows a description of the layer, the maximum width, destination coordinate system, image bounds and preview of the image area.


Accepting the defaults would import what you see in the preview. Instead, you'll select an area that is more useful by zooming in.

4.Click the Select Area button.

5.On the Select Area dialog box, click and drag to draw a selection area box near the centre of the image.


The web service loads the next available layer that you selected.

6.Draw another selection area to zoom closer.


7.Draw another selection area. Continue until you begin to see building footprints.


8.When you see the building footprints, click OK.

The image bounds and preview updates with what will be imported.


9.Click OK to confirm this area for input or click the Select Area button if you want to change the selected area.

On the Import dialog box, the Dataset link will update. If you click Advanced, you'll be able to see the destination coordinate system.


10. Click OK to begin the import.


The image is imported with complete spatial referencing. From here, the image can form the base layer of your map or it can be saved to various geospatial formats suitable for your application.

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Last updated: 10/15/2019