The Import Map Data preference category allows users to sort the order of the attributes columns upon import. By default, attributes are imported in the same order as in the source GIS data file and the MAPublisher #Property attributes are created in front of the imported attributes (see MAP #Property attributes for additional information).



Attribute sort on import

Set to Do not Sort to maintain the attributes order of the source GIS file. Set to Order attributes alphabetically to apply this new ordering.

Path corners

Set to Miter, Round or Bevel join.

Path endings

Set to Butt, Round or Projecting cap.

Property disposition on import

Set to Move properties to start or Move properties to end.

Show full filename in Multiple Data Import data list

The Multiple Data Import data list shows the list of selected files for import. By default, only the file name is displayed. Check this option to display the full path.

Show extents in Multiple Data Import data list

Check this option to display the data extents (lower left and upper right corners coordinates).

Set imported layer selection colour to match feature colour

When map data is imported, the type of layer (e.g. area) determines the Adobe Illustrator layer selection colour (e.g. red)

Append feature type as suffix on imported layer names

By default, the feature type is appended to the layer name (e.g. '_area' or '_point'). Clear this check box to prevent this behaviour.

Ensure imported layer names are unique

By default, MAPublisher appends a number 1, 2 etc... to an imported layer name if the layer name already exists. Clear this check box to prevent this behaviour.

Show extended information (e.g. extensions) in Format drop-down list

By default, the Format drop-down list in the Import and Multiple Data Import dialog boxes shows the format extensions (e.g. [*.shp]). Clear this preference to not display format extensions.

Remember last used file format

Remember the last used imported file format. Clear this preference to make the Format drop-down list default to Auto-detect.

Import Geospatial PDFs

Check this option enable the ability to import geospatial PDF documents.

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Last updated: 4/29/2020