Import Points from Delimited XY Text Data

Along with importing Microsoft Excel files, MAPublisher can import delimited XY text data files as point data provided they contain coordinate values. Supported delimiters include comma and tab. The following is an example of delimited XY data that is supported for import:


“AZ,Antonio Tank,reservoir,Santa Cruz,4,23,312004N,1103943W,31.33444,-110.66194,,,,,,,Duquesne"


“AZ,Agua Prieta Substation,locale,Cochise,4,3,312006N,1093335W,31.335,-109.55972,,,,,,,Douglas"


“AZ,Adobe Spring,spring,Santa Cruz,4,23,312037N,1110234W,31.34361,-111.04278,,,,,,,Pajarito Peak"


1.Create a new Letter sized Adobe Illustrator document in portrait orientation.

2.Click the Import button.

3.Choose Delimited XY Text Data [*.csv, *.tsv, *.txt] from the Format drop-down list.

4.Click Browse, navigate to the Tutorial Data folder, and select azdeci.txt.

The status in the Import dialog box says that Required settings are missing.

5.Click the Required settings are missing link.

The Settings dialog box opens where you will be able to choose the appropriate settings to import the delimited XY text data.

6.Choose Decimals Degrees (D+[.d*]) as the Coordinate Format.

7.Choose C10: -110.66194 for the Longitude coordinates and C9: 31.33444 for the Latitude coordinates.

Do not check the Use first line as a header option because the first line of this file does not contain column headings. The C9 and C10 indicates column 9 and column 10, respectively.


8.Make sure that this dialog box matches the one above and click OK.

Since a delimited text file does not contain coordinate system information, it must be manually specified. In this case we know that the Latitude and Longitude are given in WGS 84. (In your own work, check the metadata if you are unsure of the system.)

9.If necessary, click the Advanced button. Click the [No Coordinate System Specified] link. In the Specify Source Coordinate System dialog box, navigate to Geodetic > World, choose the WGS 84 coordinate system and click OK.


10.In the Import dialog box, click OK to start the file import process.


11.Save this document as in the Tutorial Data folder. It will be used again in the Create a point stylesheet theme tutorial.

12.Close the document.

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Last updated: 4/4/2019