MAPublisher 10.7 is the latest version of Avenza's mapping plug-in for the desktop graphics environment of Adobe Illustrator.



Combined with Adobe Illustrator, MAPublisher has revolutionized the art of map-making by allowing spatial data files to be used in a vector graphics application. MAPublisher allows all cartographic tasks to be performed where they should be done: in a powerful graphics environment.


This help system assumes that the user is familiar with Adobe Illustrator and has at least a basic understanding of geographic information systems (GIS) terminology and concepts. Refer to Adobe Illustrator help for more information about using Adobe Illustrator.


This help system explains the installation process, licensing, and many features of MAPublisher. All MAPublisher panels, functions and tools are thoroughly detailed together with the related concepts necessary to build map and perform fundamental cartographic and GIS tasks. Refer to the Avenza Projections Guide for more information about the projections supported in MAPublisher.


As a complement to the help, the MAPublisher installer includes tutorial data to be used in conjunction with these MAPublisher Tutorials. It is recommended and encouraged to go through these tutorials to gain additional experience with MAPublisher tools and functions.


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Last updated: 10/31/2019