Join Lines Based on Attribute Value

1.Create a new Adobe Illustrator document.

2.Import torontostreets.mif from the Tutorial Data folder.

3.Select all objects on the torontostreets_line layer.

In the MAP Attributes panel, notice there are 2,648 line segments in the torontostreets_line layer.


4.On the MAPublisher toolbar, click the Join button and click Join Lines.

5.Make sure that torontostreets_line is selected as the Target Layer.

6.Under Destination choose the Copy result to new layer option and enter the layer name Joined Streets.

7.Under Join Options, type 0.01 in the Proximity box and make sure the proximity unit is set to Degree. Proximity is the tolerance setting used in the join process.

8.Ensure the Close segment gaps check box is unchecked. Leave the Only join lines with shared values from option checked and choose the LF_NAME attribute from the drop-down menu.


9.Make sure that the dialog box matches the one above and click OK.

A new layer called Joined Streets is created and contains 402 line segments (according to the MAP Attributes panel). The original dataset contained 2,648 line segments. Select an individual line segment and notice that the line is joined with line segments that share the same street name (the attribute the join was based on). The other attributes were not retained due to the join.


10. Close the document without saving.

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Last updated: 4/9/2019