Joining Tables

1.Create a new Adobe Illustrator document.

2.Import canada.shp from the Tutorial Data folder. Make sure all art is selected.

3.Open the MAP Attributes panel and click the Join Table button at the bottom right of the panel.


4.Select Delimited XY Text Data from the Format drop-down list. Click Browse and navigate to choose CA_commute.csv from the Tutorial Data folder.

5.If necessary, click the Use first line as a header check box. Then click the Load link.

This loads the data in the CSV file and allows the Matching column drop-down to populate with attribute column headings.

6.Choose NAME from the Source section Matching column drop-down list.

7.Under Destination, notice the Target layer is canada_area. Choose NAME from the Matching column.

This matches the name column from each table. Notice how the drop-down list shows the attribute type as String, the same as the source matching layer.


8.Make sure that the dialog box matches above and click OK.


9.Scroll to the right to view the joined attributes. The imported table is joined with the attribute table of canada.shp.

10.Close the document without saving.

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Last updated: 10/8/2019