Save and Label

Once the layers, main configuration, style and rule based options have been completed, proceed to label the map data by clicking the Label button. Click the Label button to save the current settings, close the main MAP LabelPro dialog box and begin the labeling process.


Due to the complexity of the calculations involved in rule based text placement, a progress meter will be displayed for most labeling processes except those that are sufficiently simple or small. Cancel the labeling process at any time by clicking the Stop button in the progress dialog box.

Alternatively, save the current settings without labeling by clicking the Save button. This will close the main MAP LabelPro configuration dialog box and will not label any features. The dialog box can be reopened later to edit the saved label settings or be used to label the map.

Import and Export Settings

MAPublisher LabelPro settings can be saved to a LabelPro Settings file (LPS). In the MAPublisher LabelPro dialog box, click the Export Settings button.


The Saved Styles & Rules drop-down list contains two save options: Save contents and Save reference only. Save contents saves all layer and obstacle settings including styles and rules. Save reference only saves only the reference to the Style and Rule (meaning the individual settings in Style and Rule could change, but the reference to it is kept intact). Click the Include advanced settings option to also save settings from the Advanced dialog box.

To import a LabelPro Settings file, click the Import Settings button and navigate to the location of it.

Label Verification

The graphic below shows results of a typical labeling result using options such as stack labels, repeat labels, allow labels to cross lines, and many others.


Verify that labels were successfully placed in accordance to the rule base set out in the MAP LabelPro configuration. Also verify that labels were placed on the appropriate Output layers. Text failing to meet the labeling criteria will be placed in a Suppression layer (if one is available and has been set). If no Suppression layer is available, the label is ignored and is not generated. Once placed, the labels are considered standard text and may be further modified using Adobe Illustrator or MAPublisher operations.

information Undo and Redo operations are supported when labeling. LabelPro settings are retained after an Undo.

MAPublisher Log

Open the MAPublisher Log to view statistical information after the labeling process is completed. This information is useful in determining how successful the labeling operation was based on the number of labels written to Destination and Suppression layers. It may help indicate whether adjustments to the rule base are required to achieve a higher rate of successful placement. The log can be exported as a text file for future reference.


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