MAPublisher is available in both single-user fixed and floating license configurations.

Fixed licenses require activation in order to run. Once activated, they are node-locked or fixed to that particular computer based on a unique Machine ID number. Before completing the activation process, be certain that MAPublisher is installed on the intended computer of use.

Floating licenses are designed to allow an organization to deploy a specific number of licenses that can be used and shared on any number of computers over a network.


information IMPORTANT: Laptop users with a docking station must activate MAPublisher in the undocked state. All users with wireless and fixed NIC’s should disable the wireless NIC temporarily before activating MAPublisher and then activate using a wired internet connection. Other devices such as mobile phones, GPS devices and microphones should be disconnected as well.


After successfully installing MAPublisher, launch Adobe Illustrator. The MAPublisher welcome screen provides several options including accessing licensing, information on what's new in this release and quick links to MAPublisher help and documentation.



Alternatively, open the License Management dialog box from Help > MAPublisher Licensing > License Management. The License Management dialog box provides four licensing options: Evaluate, Register, Retrieve and Floating.


Machine ID - When moving or activating a license through the Internet or by e-mail, the computer's Machine ID can be found here.


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