The MAPublisher MAP Info panel displays the coordinates of the mouse cursor on the selected map layer, in current Map Units and in Degrees. Geodetic latitude and longitude values are in reference to the geodetic datum set in the coordinate system definition. The WGS84 latitude and longitude values are in reference to the World Geodetic System. Ungeoreferenced layers display its coordinates in Page Units. The panel also displays Scale, Rotation and the Coordinate System and Units of the active MAP Layer.

Using the MAP Info panel

Click the MAP Info button on the MAPublisher toolbar or from the menu Window > MAPublisher > MAP Info. The map coordinates update in the panel with every change of the location of the mouse cursor.


The map units correspond to the units of the active layer. If it is a MAP Layer, the units are taken from the MAP View's source coordinate system. If it is a Non-MAP Layer, the units of the Adobe Illustrator documents are used (see File > Document Setup).

To show Geodetic, WGS84 or MGRS (Military Grid Reference System) values, click the panel options menu and choose the appropriate display. The panel will update to display the chosen coordinate values.

information The map coordinates update even when other tools are selected.

information When the cursor is placed outside of the MAP View extent of the selected layer, positions' values are indicated as Unavailable.

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Last updated: 10/15/2019