MAP Locations and Data Creation

The ability to accurately place locations on a map is basic to cartography. This can be achieved with MAP Locations to place page locations as well as world locations. MAP Locations are used for reference and can be used in other MAPublisher tools such Georeferencer, Area Plotter, Line Plotter, Point Plotter, and Vector Crop.

Create data points to represent features such as cities, retail shop, and airports, using precise location placement of MAP Point Plotter. Also use it to plot addresses, plot centroids, and create point symbols at MAP Locations.

Create data areas with Area Plotter with known coordinates. It is a great tool to make land parcels and shapes that have been measured on the ground or with a GPS.

Create data lines with Line Plotter using known coordinates. Plot multiple locations to draw lines point to point. For more control, include distance and direction for navigation style line plotting.

Topics covered in this section

MAP Locations and MAP Locations Tool


Find Places

MAP Point Plotter

Line Plotter

Area Plotter

MAP Area Plotter Tool

Add Calculated Data

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