MAPublisher FME Auto is an optional add-on to MAPublisher (8.6 and newer). It is used in conjunction with FME software to import data - see MAPublisher FME Auto and FME FFS Import. Purchased MAPublisher FME Auto licenses are added to the main MAPublisher license. During the registration process described earlier in this section, all valid licenses will be imported. When purchasing a new MAPublisher FME Auto license on top of an existing MAPublisher license, the existing license key will be tagged to support MAPublisher FME Auto and the new license must be retrieved (see instructions earlier).


Click the Log button to see more system information about the license status.



To evaluate MAPublisher FME Auto, open the MAPublisher License Management dialog box from the Adobe Illustrator menu (Help > MAPublisher Licensing > MAPublisher License Management). Click the MAPublisher FME Auto branch and then click the Evaluate button.

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