MAPublisher LabelPro Styles

Point and Area Styles

The Style dialog box is used to set label style properties for each map layer. To access the dialog box, click the Style edit button. Set the text properties for font family, style, size and colour. A sample preview of the stylized text reflects the changes made.


When a saved style is edited, the Name is changed to [Custom], indicating that style settings have changed and is unsaved. Click the Save button to save the style as new or overwrite an existing one. Style files are saved to either a point, line or area folder depending on the type of map layer it is associated with. By default, styles are saved in the following location:

Windows: C:\ProgramData\Avenza\MAPublisher 10\LabelPro\Styles

Mac: Applications/Avenza/MAPublisher 10.7/MAPublisher Plug-In/LabelPro/Styles

The default save path for the Styles can be modified in the MAP LabelPro section of MAPublisher Preferences. Choose Edit > MAPublisher Preferences (Windows) or choose Illustrator > MAPublisher Preferences (Mac).

information For Windows, labeling with PostScript Type 1 fonts that are not placed in the Windows system font folder will produce a Failed to perform label placement: FontNotFound Exception error message. In these very rare cases, the font files should be copied from the Adobe font folder (usually under C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts\Reqrt\Base) to the Windows font folder (found from Control Panel > Fonts). Notably, Myriad font is such a PostScript Type 1 font that is not installed on the Windows font folder by default.

information Attributes consisting of Unicode characters must be labeled with a Unicode font that contains the appropriate characters. For example, attempting to label Japanese characters with an Arial font will result in an error or incorrect results.

Label Line Data with Symbols

MAPublisher LabelPro has the ability to place labels inside symbols. A typical application of this would be numbered highway route shields. To label lines with symbols, check the Label with symbol check box to enable the symbol options. Choose an appropriate symbol set from the Symbol File drop-down list and select a symbol from the Symbol drop-down list. Use the Height option to change the size of the symbol in the Adobe Illustrator document unit (e.g. inches or millimeters).


Symbols are stored in the location set in the MAPublisher Preferences. The default locations are:

Windows: C:\ProgramData\Avenza\MAPublisher 10\LabelPro\Symbols

Mac: Applications/Avenza/MAPublisher 10.7/MAPublisher Plug-In/LabelPro/Symbols

information The label font size and a fixed symbol height (not Auto size) affect how a label is sized inside a symbol. For example, if a fixed symbol height of 0.5 in is used, but the label font size of 5 pt, the symbol will be 0.5 in but the label inside will be no greater than 5 pt. If the label font is set to 50 pt, but the fixed symbol size is 0.5 in, the label will have a maximum size of whatever fits inside the symbol or the selected font size.

information Symbol preview is not available in the Preview box.

information Each symbol file has one version in RGB colour and one in CMYK.

information Labeling with symbols is only available for Line layers. To label areas with symbols, use Plot Centroids in the MAP Point Plotter.

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Last updated: 4/10/2019