The Measured Grid option creates a grid based on a grid cell size specified in map units, when the current MAP View is in a projected coordinate system. The cell size is specified in the Width and Height boxes (the map units can be specified in the Units drop-down list). Measured grids may contain partial cells. The pass through can be specified by entering an X, Y position (Grid passes through point) or choosing an alignment position relative to the page extent (Preset origin). Grid bounds limit the extent of the grid. Use artboard corners, coordinates, or MAP Locations to define grid boundaries.

See the following  for detail on how to adjust and style grid lines, grid border, line labels and cell references.

Grid Lines


Draw Grid Lines

Enabled by default. Draw solid lines or intercepts (where grid lines intersect). Click the style link (shows stroke) to edit line appearance.

Show Ticks Along Grid Lines

Draw tick marks along grid lines. Choose to place ticks at specific intervals, specify a pass through, tick length, offset and orientation. Enable Draw tick perpendicular to grid line to have ticks placed at a 90-degree angle to a grid line. Enable the Use grid style option and click the style link to edit line appearance (shows stroke).

Grid Border


Draw Border

Enabled by default. Draws a solid border. Optionally, choose to increase offset from grid cells. Click the style link to edit line appearance.

Draw Ticks Along Border

Draws tick marks along the grid border. Choose to increase offset from center of tick and set orientation away/toward map face or central meridian/equator. Click the style link to edit line appearance.

Border Intervals


Draw Border Intervals

Draws border  intervals around the grid bounds. Use the Minor and Major Intervals settings to set a size (length), pass through, and division size (height).

Subdivide Major Intervals

The Subdivide Major Intervals option draws lines in the major intervals and can be set to be drawn at even or odd intervals. Click the style link to edit line appearance.

Line Labels


Coordinate Values Along Grid/Graticule Border

Click the Easting and Northing style link to edit label appearance.

Label Orientation

Settings that affect all, east/west, north/south, or individual labels. The East/West/North/South settings are enabled based on drop-down option. Click the style links to edit its appearance and formatting.

Corner Labels

Click the style links to edit the appearance of corner labels.

Line Tick Labels

These settings only enabled when "Show Ticks Along Grid Lines" is checked in Grid Line Options section. Click the style links to edit the appearance of line tick labels.

Remove overlapping labels

Remove any labels that overlap the labels set here.

Cell References


Place labels off cell by

Select a label offset from the grid bounds.

Center Style

Click the style link to edit the text appearance.

Axes Style

Click the style link to edit the text appearance.

Alpha/Numeric on left/right, top/bottom

Choose to swap the alpha and numeric axis labels along the left/right and the top/bottom.

Label partial cells if cell size is larger than

The minimum size of partial cells before being labeled.

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