Use Point Utilities to perform actions on MAP Point layers. Actions made to points can be previewed.


Point utilities can only be used on Point layers. To only apply the chosen action to selected points, enable the Only apply to selected art objects option.

Using Point Utilities


In the Target Layers section, choose the appropriate MAP View to list all MAP Point layers. Click the check boxes to enable which layers are affected by the Point Utilities action. In the Action drop-down list, choose an appropriate path action:

Rotate points to align with Latitude

Rotate points to align with angle of latitude at the current position.


In this example, the arrow point symbols that were north up are rotated with the angle of latitude based on the coordinate system.


When an expression is applied to the #Rotation property attribute (using Edit Schema), the Rotate points to align with Latitude action will have no effect.

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Last updated: 4/7/2019