Setup Layers and Obstacles

Labeling Session #2

In this second labeling tutorial, continue with the San file that you saved. This time, only the parks will be labeled in a single labeling execution of MAP LabelPro. The objectives are to:

Create a label filter to label small parks and large parks.

Create new area label styles for small and large parks.

Create new area label rules for small and large parks.

Make sure that the park labels do not overlap with the other labels and with the post office and school symbols and do not cross highway and interstate lines.

To start MAP LabelPro, click the MAP LabelPro button on the MAPublisher Toolbar. The settings from the previous labeling session are remembered. For the new session, the layer setup has to be changed to match the new objective of this exercise. However, the label extents remain the same as before.

Setup layers and obstacles

1.In the MAP LabelPro dialog box, click the Setup Layers button to setup which layers are shown.

2.In the Setup Layers dialog box, click the check boxes for only the following layers:


3.Click OK to return to the MAP LabelPro dialog box.

4.Click the Labeled icon for the Parks_area layer only. Make sure the all remaining layers are set as obstacles:


5.Make sure that the settings match the image above and click Save.

6.Continue to Create Label Filters.

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Last updated: 4/10/2019