Simplify Art

1.Create a new Adobe Illustrator document.

2.Import the ukrail.gen file from the Tutorial Data folder and specify British National Grid as the coordinate system. It is located under Projected > Europe > United Kingdom.

3.Select all objects in the ukrail_line layer and click the Simplify Art button on the MAPublisher toolbar.

4.In the Simplify Art dialog box, choose the Douglas-Peucker method, enter 2000 in the Proximity box and choose Meter in the Units drop-down list.

5.Click Preview to see a preview of the simplified data with the current settings.


Notice that the Simplify Art tool will simplify 17,186 vertices to 8,756 vertices (a vertex reduction of 50%.)

6.Click OK to start the simplification process.


The selected art is now simplified based on a proximity value of two kilometers (2000 meters)

7.Close the document without saving.

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Last updated: 4/9/2019