Split Layer divides a MAP Layer into new MAP layers based on its objects' attribute values. The new layers can either contain a copy of the original objects or objects can be moved from the source layer. The split can be done:

Based on an expression: when an object's attribute values satisfy the specified expression it is added to a new layer.

By unique attribute value: objects that have a same attribute value are grouped into a new layer. Hence multiple layers are created (one per unique value).

This function is particularly useful to split a layer that contains a lot of objects. For example, a road layer with classes such as street, highway and toll road could be split in three distinct layers. Split Layer can be used before running MAPublisher LabelPro or exporting layers to external GIS formats.

Using Split Layer

The MAP Layer to be split must first be selected in the MAP Views panel or in the Adobe Illustrator Layers panel. On the MAPublisher toolbar, click the Split Layer button or from the menu Object > MAPublisher > Split Layer.



In the Action options, specify if the split art should be either copied or moved to the new layer.

information If the source layer is locked, the only option is to copy to the new layers.


When the Split art to new layer(s) by unique attribute value method is chosen, choose an attribute name from the Attribute drop-down list. Each new layer created will contain only art that share the same attribute value. By default, the name of these layers correspond to each single attribute value.


When the Split art that satisfies this expression method is chosen, enter a valid expression in the Expression field, build an expression using the Expression Builder, or select an expression from the Expression Library (the expression validity icon will report if the expression entered is valid. Otherwise it will report that it is invalid and include additional warning notes).


In the Destination section, enter a prefix to be added every layer name. Otherwise, the layer name will use the value in the attribute that the split is based on.


The Copy attribute schema option duplicates the attribute schema from the source layer to the destination layer.


When Split Layer is run, a message is displayed that indicates the number of layers that will be created. Click Cancel to cancel the Split Layer command or click Create layers to continue.


Depending on the method chosen, one or more new layers are created according to the splitting criteria. The new layers are placed on the top of the layers hierarchy in the Adobe Illustrator Layers panel.

The new layers have the same feature type as the source MAP layer and are included in the same MAP View.

If the Copy attribute schema was enabled, the new layers contain the same attributes as the source layer.

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Last updated: 4/11/2019