Technical Support Options

Consult MAPublisher Help as well as the following online options before contacting Avenza technical support.

Avenza User Forum

The Avenza User Forum is located at Answers to common technical questions may be found in the Common Support Issues and FAQs category. All users with a MAPublisher license (evaluation or permanent) can post and read topics under the General Questions for Evaluation & Licensed Users category. Additionally, users with maintenance have access to the Maintenance Users category. There, users can find additional information relative to software updates and other important details pertaining to maintenance.

Contacting Avenza Technical Support

Avenza offers a number of methods for direct communication with our qualified and experienced technical experts. Have your MAPublisher registration details handy to get prompt attention and include it in any e-mail correspondence. Support issues are handled on a first come, first-served basis. There is a charge of $49 USD per incident for non-maintenance program users.


Support Centre:

Phone:  +1-416-487-6442

MAPublisher Maintenance Program (MMP)

Your MAPublisher purchase includes a one-year membership in the MAPublisher Maintenance Program. Enjoy worry-free use of MAPublisher and all the benefits of the MMP. All MMP subscriptions begin on the date of purchase. Maintenance users can post questions under the Maintenance Users category of the Avenza user forum where Avenza support staff will be happy to post solutions and answers. The MAPublisher Maintenance Program is guarantees its members:

Unlimited priority technical support—guaranteed same business day (9am to 5pm EST) or next business day response

MMP only telephone support

Free MAPublisher updates

Free MAPublisher version upgrades

Additional discounts and offers only available to MMP members

For MMP subscribers, you will be notified about the latest news and updates about MAPublisher. If you purchased your MAPublisher license from a reseller or are the end user but not the person who purchased the software,  please contact us at to ensure that we add your e-mail address to the MMP email group.

Maintenance Renewal

Approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the expiration of your annual MMP subscription you will be notified regarding renewal options. You will be contacted a minimum of five times prior to expiration in order to ensure that you have ample opportunity to renew or not at your discretion. You will have the option of renewing your MMP for an additional year at the then prevailing price or canceling without penalty. Of course, if you cancel or let your MMP lapse you will no longer be entitled to the benefits of the program as outlined above and will thus have to purchase future upgrades at the upgrade price.

There is a grace period of approximately 30 days from the time of the MMP expiry during which you may still renew without penalty. All post-expiration renewals will be backdated to the actual expiry date.

Lapsed Subscriptions

Failure to renew your MMP within 30 days from the expiry date will result in a lapsed MMP subscription. Lapsed subscriptions may not be renewed and the licensee will be required to purchase support and upgrades accordingly. Please direct all MMP questions and purchase inquiries to


As either a new or experienced MAPublisher user we value your opinions on how we can improve our product. Let us know what functions you would like to see incorporated into future versions of MAPublisher. Post to our user forum with the subject "Feature Request" at

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