Text and Labels

One of the most useful features of MAPublisher is the ability to create labels for map objects using values from the MAP Attributes panel. Manually entering and placing labels is not necessary, provided that the labeling information is included in the map attributes of the MAP Layer being labeled.

MAPublisher provides two methods of adding labels to a map, both of which contain options to place labels intelligently using defined label settings.

One way to create feature labels is to first select all the features to be labeled and use Label Features to label all of them by specified attribute values.

An alternate method involves using the MAP Tagger Tool to apply labels individually, also by specified attribute values.

As a complement to the labeling functions, Create Knockouts masks the part of line features covered by text labels for improved text legibility.

For more advanced labeling capabilities see more about MAPublisher LabelPro (additional license required).

Topics covered in this section

Label Features

MAP Tagger Tool

Create Knockouts

Right-to-Left Text

Text Utilities

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