Transform a Coordinate System on Import

Read more about the MAP View Editor before completing the following tutorial.

1.Create a new Letter sized Adobe Illustrator document in portrait orientation.

2.Click the Multiple Data Import button. In the Multiple Data Import dialog box, click Add.

3.Select Esri Shapefile [*.shp] from the Format drop-down list.

4.Click Browse, navigate to the Tutorial Data folder, select ukpoly.shp,and click Open.

5.Click OK to return to the Multiple Data Import dialog box.


The selected file appears in Row 1 of the file list. The coordinate system of ukpoly.shp is currently WGS 84.

6.In the Destination MAP View frame, select Create MAP View using editor from the Method drop-down. Click the Editor button to open the Map View Editor dialog box.


7.In the MAP View Editor, click the WGS 84 destination coordinate system link. Click the *Recent* category list under Coordinate Systems > Projected and choose British National Grid. Alternatively, go to Projected > Europe > United Kingdom to choose the British National Grid coordinate system.


8.Click OK to close the Specify Source Coordinate System dialog box.

9.Click OK to close the MAP View Editor and return to the Multiple Data Import dialog box.


Under Destination MAP View, view the coordinate system information below the Method.

10. Click OK to import the file in the British National Grid coordinate system.

11. Close the document without saving.

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Last updated: 4/4/2019