Transform a Coordinate System Using the MAP View Editor

1.Create a new Letter sized Adobe Illustrator document in portrait orientation.

2.Import fsatoronto.mif from the Tutorial Data folder.

The map file is in the WGS 84 coordinate system.

3.In the MAP Views panel, double-click the fsatoronto MAP View to open the MAP View editor.

4.Change the name of the MAP View to Postal Code Zones.

5.Check the Perform Coordinate System Transformation check box to enable its frame options and click the [No Coordinate System Specified] link.

6.In the Specify Destination Coordinate System dialog box, go to Projected > UTM > NAD83, choose NAD83 / UTM zone 17N, and click OK.


The Preview Pane displays how the new coordinate system is fit to the page. UTM zone 17N is a proper projected coordinate system to use for this area.

7.Click OK to close the MAP View editor dialog box.


The MAP View is transformed from WGS 84 to NAD83 / UTM zone 17N. See Coordinate Systems Overview for more information on projections and datums.  

Edit scale and position

8.In the MAP Views panel, double-click the Postal Code Zones MAP View to open the MAP View editor.

9.Change the map scale to 1: 35,000 by typing 35000 in the Scale box.

10. In the Positioning section, click the Quick alignment tab to make it  active. There are nine squares in the alignment grid indicating positions on the artboard. Click the center square to reposition the data to the center of the page.


The Preview Pane shows the new data extents and the page anchor values have been automatically updated.

11. Click OK.


The Postal Code Zones MAP View is rescaled and repositioned to the center of the page.

12. In the MAP Views panel, double-click the Postal Code Zones MAP View to open it again.

13. In the Angle box, type 343.00 to specify an angle of rotation, then click OK.


The layer is now rotated. Spatial referencing has not been affected because the MAP View editor was used to rotate the data.

14. Close the document without saving.


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Last updated: 4/6/2019