Uninstalling MAPublisher

To uninstall MAPublisher, follow the instructions for your operating system:


1.If Adobe Illustrator is running, exit the program.

2.Click the Start button, go to Settings, click Apps & features.

3.Scroll down the list of apps, click MAPublisher, and click Uninstall. Alternatively, run the MAPublisher setup.exe, continue through the wizard, and click Remove.

4.If the User Account Control dialog box appears, click Yes.

5.In the MAPublisher Uninstall Confirmation dialog box, click Uninstall.

6.A message prompts that all files will be removed from the MAPublisher program folder. To save custom XML datasource files in the Applications folder, click Yes. To delete them, click No.


1.If Adobe Illustrator is running, exit the program.

2.In Finder, browse to /Applications/Avenza/MAPublisher

3.To save the custom XML datasources, move the Data Source Backup folder to a different location. These are files backed up from the last version of GI installed.

4.Delete the entire MAPublisher folder or delete only the MAPublisher Plug-In folder to keep the other files (documentation, tutorials, etc.).

Files to back up

You may want to backup certain files so that they can be used again.




This view file stores the organization and folder structure of your custom coordinate systems within the geodetic data source.


This file stores custom coordinate system definitions.


This file contains Avenza-specific supplementary coordinate systems.


This file must be included when loading a custom coordinate system.


This file stores an unlimited number of custom linear and angular units, ellipsoids, datums, datum shifts and coordinate systems. Also referred to as the geodetic data source.


This file stores custom DEM schema information.


These files are located in:

Windows: C:\Program Files\Avenza\MAPublisher\Data Source Files
Mac: /Applications/Avenza/MAPublisher/MAPublisher Plug-in


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