Use the Upload to Avenza Map Store feature to directly upload your map package zip file to the Avenza Map Store vendor site. This makes the process of staging your maps on the vendor site easier as you can upload multiple map packages at once. Map details such as title, description, and price can optionally be completed in the Upload to Avenza Map Store dialog box. You must be a registered vendor on the Avenza Map Store to use this feature, as you're required to login through the dialog box before uploading.

Using Upload to Avenza Map Store

Login with your Avenza Map Store vendor account email and password. You must be logged in before you can upload map packages for submission.

To become an Avenza Map Store vendor, apply here

Load maps from folder

Click the Load maps from folder button to specify a folder that contains map packages. All map packages in the specified folder are added to the map table.


Load from CSV

Load maps and map details from a CSV file. This CSV file could be one that was manually created or one that was exported by the Upload to Avenza Maps dialog box.

Export table to CSV

Export the map details to a CSV file so that the table information can be imported and uploaded at a later time.

Editing Map Details

Populating the map details can be done easily for multiple maps prior to upload. It is not mandatory to populate the map details prior to upload, however, it will need to be completed on the Avenza Map Store vendor site before submitting for review.


All available fields that can be edited include:




Give the map a concise, but descriptive title.


Write a map description that may include details about general or special map features.


Choose languages that apply to the map.


Provide your company, agency or vendor name.

Published Date

A general time of when the map was published (e.g. 2015 or Jan 2015).


Choose a pricing tier to sell the map at. Ranges from Free to Tier 77 - $249.99 USD.

Search Tags

Include descriptive keywords (space separated) to help users find the map when searching.

Primary Category

Choose an Avenza Map Store map category that pertains to the map.


Choose countries that the map area includes.

Batch Edit Selected

You can populate multiple fields that share the same map detail. To edit selected fields in a column, select multiple fields (Ctrl + click or Shift + click) and click the Edit Selected button or right-click and choose Batch edit selected. To batch edit an entire column, click a column heading to select the column and click the Edit Selected button.

Edit All

See all of the editable fields of one map at once to make it easier to edit map information. Use the navigation controls to go to the previous or next map.


Uploading Maps

When you are ready to upload map packages, click the Upload button (you'll have to be logged in first). Check the Delete map package after successful upload check box if you want to delete the files from the source folder after the map packages are finished uploading.


When you log into the Avenza Maps vendor website, the maps that were uploaded will be available and set to the Prepare state. When you have completed all the necessary map details, you can submit the maps for review. Maps are submitted to are reviewed by the Avenza Maps team and when they are approved, are changed to the On Hold, Ready for Sale state. Your maps can be set to For Sale at any time. Thousands of users use Avenza Maps everyday and the Avenza Map Store is a great way to sell your maps and generate revenue.

See the Avenza Map Store help section to learn more about map status and other details.


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Last updated: 4/12/2019