Working With Images

MAPublisher contains tools for working with georeferenced raster images such as aerial photography and satellite imagery.

The Register Image function accurately registers raster images with georeferencing information to vector map data.

Export raster images to various georeferenced formats through the MAP Views panel.

Georeferencing information for raster images are usually stored in a separate text file where the image and its associated reference file have the same file name but a different file extension.

The reference file formats that can be read by Register Image or written to by Export Image are:

World (tfw)

Image Report (irp)

MapInfo Table (tab)

Blue Marble Reference (rsf)

ER Mapper (ers)

ListGeo (lgo)

GeoTIFF (tif, tiff) (contains both the image and reference data)

Topics covered in this section

Register Image

Export Selected Image

Export Document To Image

Export Document To Web Tiles

Export Document to GeoPackage

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