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MAPublisher Web Author Tool

The MAP Web Author Tool works with Adobe Illustrator and MAPublisher to create interactive HTML5 maps directly from a new or existing map document containing GIS data, attribute information, symbols, graphic styles and images. It can be fully customized to include layer control, pan and zoom controls, roll-overs and pop-ups. Upon export, MAP Web Author automatically creates all the files necessary to embed into webpages and shared online. Cartographic quality web map production has never been simpler and more efficient.

How It Works

  1. Select map features
  2. Create web tags for features
  3. Export to HTML5

The MAP Web Author system customizes the interactivity and look of a map without extensive knowledge of HTML5 or coding. Map objects (points, lines or area features) containing attribute information can be easily tagged to show its information in customizable callouts.


Advanced customization

Use the Web Author API and Web Author CSS to create custom maps and embed them into websites.