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MAPublisher Supported Formats

Adobe Geospatial PDF1.pdf
AutoCAD Drawing/Exchange1.dxf, 1.dwg
Delimited Text Data1.txt, 1.csv, 1.tsv
Delimited Text Data1.txt, 1.csv, 1.tsv
Digital Line Graph1.dlg, 1.opt
Esri ArcInfo Generate1.gen
Esri Interchange File1.e00
Esri Shapefile1.shp
FME Feature Store11.ffs
Geography Markup Language1.gml
GeoJSON1.geojson, 1.json,
GPS Exchange Format1.gpx
Image1.png, 1.jpg, 1.tif, 1.gif,
1.jp2, 1.psd, 1.pdd, 1.bmp
Google Earth 1.kmz
HTML5 (via MAP Web Author)1.html
MapInfo Interchange Format1.mif
Microsoft Excel1.xls
MicroStation Design1.dgn
International Hydographic Office S-571.000
Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS)1.ddf
TIGER/Line1.rt1, 1.bw1

Basic File Geodatabase Reader 1.gdb
Basic Personal Geodatabase Reader 1.mdb
PostGIS Spatial Database

ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Web Service
Web Feature Service (WFS)
Web Map Service (WMS)

  • Supported formats listed for the current MAPublisher release.

  • 1 FME Feature Store format requires MAPublisher FME Auto license.

  • 2 Full support on Windows only. To fully import Esri geodatabases or to fully access an ArcSDE server using MAPublisher import tools, valid Esri software must be installed and licensed; at minimum, ArcGIS Engine Runtime. See compatibility.

  • 3 Only TIFF, JPG, and PNG are supported in Export Image.

  • Need a format that isn't currently supported? Contact us.